Frequently Asked Questions


What flavours can I expect?

Thai food can be hot, sweet, sour and tasty, our chefs will cook to your demands.

What should I do about food allergies and intolerances?

It is the hosts responsibility to ask their guests whether they have any sort of food allergy and advise us of it. They can check our menu for the kind of ingredients we use in our dishes. There are dishes which we will be happy to provide a variation exclusively for the person who has an allergy or intolerance (note that there are dishes which allergens cannot be removed, which will be clarified during booking).

Carved Pumpkin by Malee

Can you tell me something about the Chef?

Our Chef’s name is Malee. She has more than 25 years of professional cooking experience. Malee started working in restaurants in Bangkok and moved to the UK in 1993. Since then Malee has been cooking professionally in UK and also at home, as it is her passion. Malee has received many letters from satisfied customers pleased by her food and her warm personality.

Sit-down meals

Is all food prepared from scratch at my home?

Some foods are partially cooked at the Chef’s kitchen. For instance, our spring rolls are made before going to the customer’s home as it saves time. The rest of the process like frying is done at customer’s premises hence guaranteeing that our customers enjoy their food in its best state: fresh and hot.

Do you bring drinks?

No, drinks are the responsibility of the customer. We can provide drinks on request but it will be charged as an extra.

Do I need to provide plates and cutlery?

Normally our customers provide the plates and cutlery, but we can provide it if requested.

Do you require a specific type of oven for the event?

No, we have our own mobile cooker. We will still enquiry of its availability as it may avoid the need of deploying the mobile cooker at the premise.


Please Contact us with your order. Order needs to be placed 3 days in advance for a minimum of 10 people. Maximum distance of 10 miles from Yeovil.

Food is delivered in containers.